Printing & Finishing

Now that the text has been penned and approved, images taken and inserted, and all graphic elements professionally designed to perfection, your publication is going to print. It may be the final step; and yet, printing requires meticulous planning with essential decisions to be made way ahead. It is important to seek professional opinions as early as possible.

The choice of paper, printing method and finishing could significantly alter the intended look-and-feel of your publication. There is where we have you covered. Presson is equipped with comprehensive digital and conventional printing set-up, which offer a full range of viable options. Having our in-house printing facilities means efficient coordination, better budget control and significant time-saving.

Meanwhile, with two decades of experience in serving our clients’ printing needs, we are capable of devising high quality, fool-proof printing solutions, achieving quick turnaround and accommodating last minute changes owing to unforeseen circumstances. Our commitment to confidentiality, accuracy and timeliness gives our clients the peace of mind they need for the production of time-critical and content-sensitive publications.

For the finishing touches, we are well-versed with choices that work to enhance the effect and appeal of the printed pieces. These include lamination, coating, binding, die-cutting, embossing, lamination, metallic effects, foil stamping, folding, among others.